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The first assignment of 4.208-6.891 Advanced Topics of Computer Graphics was to write shading functions for use with the RenderMan© graphics rendering package created by Pixar Animation, Inc.

Below are images generated by three shaders which I made. Click an image to see the source code (.sl file) which produced these images shader.

Spider Web

A spider web is simulated by combining radial and tangential webs, and then displacing them to simulate the effects of gravity. Each web segment is actually gaussian in nature which prevents aliasing when warped onto complex structures.

The shader allows for specification of
  • Number of radial webs
  • Number of tangential webs


By extensivly using the noise function multiple spatial frequencys this shader simulates text and images of a typical newspaper.

The shader allows for specification of
  • Column count
  • Picture frequency
  • Tile height

Chain Link Fence

The idea for this fencing pattern came from Chris Stauffer, who asked me to help in determining a mathematical procedure to create the spatial arrangment. He has since made major improvments in the shader , including replacing the "hack" I used for the displacement map .

This version of the shader allows for specification of
  • Spatial frequency

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