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Fluid Flow Simulation
RenderMan Shaders
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Multiresolution Texture Synthesis Review
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Using Charged Particle Systems To Simulate Fluid Flow

I have made a particle based simulation of water interaction, including water-water and water-surface interactions. By accurately modeling the attractive and repulsive forces between different particles and between particles and surfaces, the simulation exhibits such behavior as cohesion, adhesion, and wave propagation.

RenderMan Shaders

The first assignment of 4.208-6.891 Advanced Topics of Computer Graphics was to write shading functions for use with the RenderMan© graphics rendering package created by Pixar Animation, Inc.

Factors Contributing to Underwater Illumination: A Review of Caustics in Computer Graphics

For 4.208-6.891 Advanced Topics of Computer Graphics I reviewed a pair of papers dealing with caustic illumination simulations in computer graphics.

Ray Tracing

The last homework assignment of MIT 6.837 Computer Graphics was to implement a Ray Tracer. Here is a small gallery of my images.

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