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Many of the projects which I've done that branch into the realm of computer graphics.

Images to ASCII Revisited

I have revisited the old concept of representing images with standard ASCII characters. I have improved upon the old methods by not only modeling the gray levels, but also the shape of the images. Using this same idea, I have also designed a converter which traces the edges of binary images.

Learning to Play PacMan Using Incremental Reinforcement Learning

I have applied an "embodied intelligence" behavior learning approach to learn optimal playing strategies for both PacMan and the opponent ghosts. Over many thousands of iterations, the linear creature-centered perceptron network is continually modified with reinforcements based on rewards gained through out each game. To make such a formidable learning task feasible, we begin training with extremely simple boards, then increase their complexity once simpler, basic behaviors have been learned.


ImageMosaics have recently replaced autostereograms as the new cool thing in computer vision / graphics. Here are a few examples.

Projection of voice onto feature subspaces used by recognition systems

To illustrate that perhaps current voice recognition systems may not be looking at the right set of features, I performed a simple experiment. Voice signals were projected onto the feature set used by recognition systems, varying levels of noise was added in dimensions orthogonal to these features, and then the signal was back-projected. The results are surprising.

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